G8RSkin™ reduces peak linear acceleration of an athlete's head by up to 87g

G8RSkinTM testing has been shown to significantly reduce peak acceleration of an athlete’s head during the moment of impact. The acceleration of the brain during these collisions is linked to concussions. G8RSkinTM significantly reduces these peak acceleration values.

The following examples of what 87-89g does to the human head*

Full speed video

Slow motion video

Reduce head accelerations in sports by wearing G8RSkin™.

Head accelerations have been long linked to concussions1 and recently linked to CTE2

*Data from laboratory testing, with values of reduction varying by sport and type of collision

G8RSkinTM PPE Overview

G8RSkinTM PPE is a flexible protective device that reduces the concussion-causing force from collisions by using the energy of collisions to help stabilize the neck and reduce the acceleration of the head.

Fights the Heat

G8RSkin™ includes built-in pockets to store cooling packs to keep you cool in the heat

Same Fit

At only 5 mm thick, G8RSkin™ doesn’t change the fit of most helmets

Fit for Most Hair

G8RSkin™ accommodates long hair


G8RSkin™ can be hand-washed and air-dried to keep you fresh

Removable Hood

G8RSkin™ functions as a removable hood


G8RSkin™ is made with performance fabrics to keep you clean

Athlete Safety is Our Mission

Rigorously tested at the Virginia Tech Helmet Lab, demonstrating measurable reduction in the concussion-causing force from collisions.

Dr. Tamara Wexler

“There is a need to not only raise awareness of the sequelae of concussions (hormonal shifts included), but to start by reducing concussions themselves. There is great value in pairing a strong evidence-based approach with addressing unmet needs of athletes.”

Dr. Tamara Wexler


Jay Brunetti

“Over the course of my extensive career, I’ve witnessed the evolution of equipment aimed at enhancing player safety, and G8RSkin undoubtedly stands as a game-changer in attempting to minimize the frequency and severity in concussion injuries. I enthusiastically recommend integrating G8RSkin into athletes’ gear arsenal to take a proactive stance in minimizing concussion risk and fostering a safer, more secure playing environment. The innovative approach taken by the team at G8RTech aligns perfectly with the core of my responsibilities – safeguarding athletes from potential injuries. It’s thoughtful design, incorporating state-of-the-art materials and engineering, showcases a deep understanding of the biomechanics involved in impact. This, in turn, translates to a significant reduction in concussion risk, which is of paramount importance in today’s sports landscape.”

Jay Brunetti

Director, Equipment Operations San Francisco 49ers

Dr. Audrey Paul

“G8RSkin™ was built upon the latest scientific insights and cutting-edge engineering, representing a significant step forward in mitigating the risk of concussions in sports. As a specialized medical professional with a primary focus on concussions and their impact on athletes, I understand the dire need for innovations that prioritize athlete safety. Having dedicated years of study to head injuries and their repercussions, I am deeply impressed by the thoughtful design and meticulous attention to detail the G8RTech team utilized developing the G8RSkin product. The G8RTech team’s goals directly align with my mission to safeguard athletes’ brain health and overall well-being starting as early in athletes’ careers as possible.”

Dr. Audrey Paul

Pediatrics and Pediatric Emergency Medicine

Dr. Charles Popkin

“As a dedicated team doctor, entrusted with the health and safety of athletes, I am excited to recommend G8RSkin™. I have concluded that G8RSkin’s proprietary solution represents a significant advancement in the ongoing effort to minimize the risk of concussions in sports and so am pleased to serve on the Medical Advisory Committee for G8RTech. Tested at the Virginia Tech Helmet Lab, G8RSkin’s integrated head, neck and shoulder approach combined with energy absorbent materials effectively redistributes energy from violent impacts while minimizing the rotational forces on the head that contribute to concussions. With years of experience addressing concussions and their impact on players, I understand the critical need for innovative solutions that prioritize athlete well-being. From a medical perspective, the G8RSkin aligns perfectly with our goal of promoting athletes’ health and career longevity. Recommending the G8RSkin is a proactive step in safeguarding athletes from potential long-term consequences of head injuries.”

Dr. Charles Popkin

Team Physician, USA Hockey

Protect Your Passion

Prioritize safety without compromising performance. Whether you are a professional athlete, and aspiring champion, or a dedicated amateur – G8RSkinTM will provide you with the peace of mind to fully enjoy your sport without compromising your safety.

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